How it works.

It is based on mobile phone automation software, when we can control dozens or hundreds of mobile phones by one person and operate them automatically like real people. Marketing efficiency can be greatly improved. It implements human actions on TIKTOK.

Open an account

Download APP client

Bind to account and connect to scheduling server.


getting started

Learn and use Android automation features.


What is different from other platforms

What are the differences between us in numerous social media management systems.

Other social media management systems centrally manage brand accounts on each social media platform.

We support automated management of multiple accounts and distribution of multiple content on every social media platform, and obtain more precise users through platform algorithms. Implement multi account matrix marketing and then guide traffic to primary accounts.

More focus on short video and live streaming platforms

Gain more business through short video platforms to expand your influence.

We are a new generation of social media marketing management tool, focusing on an automated service platform to provide you with efficient marketing solutions and innovative digital marketing technology. We adopt an automated matrix operation method and automated operation software based on AI intelligent technology, helping you easily increase account exposure and fan base, greatly enhancing your market competitiveness.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote new products, or increase sales, our platform can meet your needs. Our tools can automate operations such as hosting, liking, commenting, forwarding, and following, making it easy for you to manage and increase your fan base, thereby increasing your exposure and influence.

Our platform is also a powerful operational tool that enables you to better understand your audience through account batch management and data analysis, optimize marketing strategies based on data, and improve marketing effectiveness. At the same time, we provide a variety of data analysis tools to help you monitor and evaluate marketing effectiveness in real time, and adjust and optimize based on data feedback.

What are the usage steps

It distinguishes between traditional social media marketing systems

Install Himebot APP

Bind phones and manage them

Mobile connection server

Automatically run the TIKTOK script

Account Video Management

Unified management of account data

The global market of products is starting

W e have grown in the Chinese market for four years, serving thousands of small and medium-sized companies and individuals. Help them conduct marketing operations on and obtain good results
The software will be used by users in the global market


Improve your social marketing results and prove your impact.

  • Marketing operation tools


  • Increase audience in social aspects. marketing tools for ambitious people and teams..